Black, White and Pink

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Hello everyone. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who read, liked and commented on my previous post Wide Awake. It has really encouraged me to write more.

Today, I’ll tell you guys about a dream I had a few months back. There was a lake, whose boundaries were nowhere to be seen What I found peculiar was that half of the water was black in colour, and the other half was white.


(I’m sorry if the photo seems inaccurate..)

That was not the end. There was something else too. No one could see it from far away. And nobody dare have a closer look. Because anyone who stepped in the lake drowned, be it the white side or the dark side. What was in that lake that people were desperate to know about, but was beyond their reach?


A pink rose. In the middle of the lake, floating between the two sides. No one knew where it came from. No one even thought it was possible for a rose to grow in water. No one knew how it was still alive. And no one knew how to reach it.

There was no visible path to get there. Any side you take, you would drown. Now, someone may ask,”Why not the middle path?” Is it that simple?

Choosing the path is, but staying on it isn’t. Because as you tread further, you can’t keep your eyes straight for long. You are bound to look on the other sides. The temptations they offer, like siren’s songs. You are captivated to sneak a peek.

“The white side is clean, pure. Maybe I should stay closer to that side throughout the walk.”

But, are you the only one in pursuit of the rose? Do you think the others will make the same choice you did? The answer’s no.

You won’t drown for being good. But for neglecting the shades of black around you. You can only tread fairly, but you can’t expect others to do the same.

“The black side is cool, exciting. So, maybe I should stay closer to that side throughout the walk.”

Stay too long, and you’ll forget all the other colours around you. Every hue vanishes when it touches black. You start making the other colours disappear. You can’t see clearly anymore. The further you go, the deeper it gets. Soon, the ground you stand on disappears. And soon enough, you do as well.

No one ever gets the pink rose.

Everyone has questions about it, but no one has the courage to satisfy their curiosity.

Your brain can’t just think black and white, 0 and 1, can it? You’re not a computer, are you?You have to think pink.( I know how silly it sounds, but it’s appropriate.)

The pink rose represents all those who have the courage to be different. People who look for a third choice when given two.

Both sides look equally tempting, but you can’t reach your goal leaning more towards  one of them. One exists because of the other. And you need both to reach your destination.

A pink mind would blend the two. A little towards white, while have a distinct view of the black. Or maybe use Moses’ staff to find the hidden pathway.

If you are thinking I had such a long dream, well, my post is an amalgamation of my dream, a book I read and some of my own imagination. But this is what I strongly believe.

To stand out from the crowd, you always have to search for the invisible. It maybe a wormhole between two worlds, 0.5 between 0 and 1, or a pathway between two sides of a lake.

That’s all for this post. Thank you for reading. Saying this, I go from here.

P.S: If you find any of my content unpleasing, I apologise in advance.

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