Chapter 2: Black Magic

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Hello everyone. Today, I am going to write the second chapter of my story.

Written In Blood


Chapter 2: Black Magic

“Elyssa, how did you get out?” Fiddler said, almost falling off his chair.

“Oh, I’m not Elyssa. I’m her cousin. You must be Fibber.”

“I don’t fib!” Fiddler’s tone becomes defensive.

“Fid, she means your name. He’s Fiddler. And Fid, this is Karina. She’s a psychologist. I found her contact details while doing a background check on Elyssa. She can help us with these clues.”

“Oh, I’m sorry for the confusion. You both have a striking resemblance.”

“It’s fine. I’m sorry for your name. How’s Lysa doing?”

“Not good, actually. She keeps on writing things and incinerates them just after. Yesterday, she was crying a river. It was supposed to be an open-and-shut case. But now..”

“I get the writing part. That’s her way of expressing feelings. But the sobbing is peculiar. I need to see her in person. Thankfully the appeal for a reprieve was accepted.”

“Jason told you about that, huh? Well, I have to get back. Thanks for helping us, Karina. And Jas, don’t forget the messages.”

Fiddler leaves for the station. Karina sits down, facing Jason. She starts scanning the page.

“Karina, am I right? Does he..”

“He’s in love with her. The sparkle in his eyes when he talked about her, his desperate attempt to exonerate her, the spring in his steps, it’s evident he has feelings that go beyond friendship and care-taking.”

“I know she is your sister, but she pleaded guilty for third-degree murder. I can’t help but feel that he has fallen for the wrong person.”

“Your worries are groundless. If you chose whom to fall in love with, then life would be so much easier. And, my sister is a good person. But, you’re right. He has fallen for the wrong person. Not because she’s a killer, but because she gave her heart to someone else. And that someone crushed it to a million pieces. Fiddler can try to glue them together, but she will never love him like she loved Damon. “

“If what you’re saying is true, then I can assure you something about Fid. If he loves her, he will give up everything to save her. Anyway, did Elyssa ever do something abnormal?”

“I remember the day Elyssa broke up with Damon. She sent him a poem. One stanza stood out to me.”

“You didn’t hear my heart shatter, but I heard you lie.

So why should I cry over you? You were never mine.

Can’t let you live, can’t watch you die.

You played with innocence, that right wasn’t thine.”

“Is this a death threat? How was this not presented in court?”

“She never said or wrote it. She just sent it. Through the ether.

Jason freezes at her words. She picks up her things, including the page and leaves.


“Giving up is easy. When you see your dream face-to-face, so close it almost feels corporeal, something stops you from taking the last step. Some call it anxiety, some say excitement, some just call it fear. But there’s a common solution for everyone. Just give it up. Throw all your blood, sweat and tears from a cliff and forget about it. Simple, right?

You know what’s easier for humans? Lying. For you, lying came naturally. Moving on from me was quick too. I should have learnt that from you while you were still alive. But, thanks for teaching me the basics. For someone who has shied away from fibbing for 25 years, even her lies are believed. I did everything in my repertoire to forget you. I went clubbing with my girlfriends, hoping to dance you out of my life. But as I got tipsy, I started walking down the memory lane again.

Where there’s trouble, there’s always a party. Drinks, music, junk food, and of course, great company. So kind of your brother to throw you a celebration party for winning your first case alone. I felt like I was in high-school again. Couldn’t stand loud music back then, but that night, I didn’t care how brassy the music was. Dancing with you, I wouldn’t even mind wearing The Red Shoes. I could read you like an open book, but I wish I had interpreted your thoughts correctly that day. But I was so captivated by you, I had lost my mind. The night was edging its end. But I didn’t want it to. So, I accompanied you to your room.

“Do you believe in magic?” I’m sure you didn’t. But when you said affirmative, I was overjoyed. You didn’t know what it meant to me, did you? If you did, you would have run away. I wish I had told you. But what did I say instead? “I love you.” You grabbed by hand and pulled me in for an embrace. Your arms wrapped around my body, your warm breath on my neck, our hearts pressed together. It was magical. But I wanted more.

It was almost like you read my mind that very moment. You released me and placed your hands on my cheeks. I closed my eyes, and when your lips met mine, everything changed. My logic, my self-control, it was gone. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to give everything to you. You were waiting for that, weren’t you? Every moment we shared that night, when I was in your arms, when you lay me on the bed, when you kissed me all over, when you said you loved me, you knew.

You used me as a pawn in your game. Why? Because you knew. For years, my sister convinced me that it was okay. But you forced me to believe it wasn’t. So give me an answer. What black magic did you use to manipulate me? What’s so special about you that I can’t forget you even after watching you die? Will it stop if I’m gone?

I’m broken. Can’t break any further, can’t cry any harder, can’t stop saying this.

I love you, Damon. I always have, and I always will. –I

“Fid, here today’s chapter.” Elyssa handed over the dampened page to the officer.

“Are you okay, Lysa?” Fiddler came closer to the door and grabbed the paper.

“Never been better. I just hate this jumpsuit. Just a few more days until I’m out of this orange. Thank you, for lending me time to finish my story.”


“I can’t do this anymore, Jas. It’s too painful. ” Fiddler’s eyes tear up.

Jason places 3 bottles of beer and sits next to Karina on the black sofa. Fiddler, sits on a lounge chair opposite to the couch and grabs a beer.

“You can’t give up now, Bro. We need to know her story.”

“I really doubt that.”

“Don’t say that. Where’s the page?”

“Burned. Had to do it in front of her. Didn’t even let me keep the corner.”

“Then use your photographic memory, dude. Take a paper and write it down again.”

“Yes, we have so much to do. We don’t know what the scarlet letters in the text mean. Plus, we have those ‘C’,’E’,’N’,’E’ and ‘I’ to figure out. I’ll help you with that, Jason.”

“Thanks, Karina. So, should we try anagrams..”

“Wait a minute, Karina. I never told you the corner letter in today’s page was ‘I’. “


That’s all for this chapter. Saying this, I go from here.



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