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Hello everyone. My post today has a very simple title: Stars. Just one word can mean so much sometimes. So, no extra words needed.

Why suddenly talking about stars? You may think because it has an obvious connection with today’s word.

We learn in school that stars radiate energy in the form of heat and light. If you have a keen interest in astronomy, you may also know that massive stars radiate more energy and are hence brighter. But they also die early. Going deeper, massive stars radiate light energy in the blue portion of the visible spectrum, and are hotter. And similarly, low-mass stars emit light in the red portion of the visible spectrum, and are colder. Alright, I don’t want to bore you with too much astronomy talk. But, I’ve always loved astronomy. Things like time travel, life on other planets, black holes have always fascinated me.

But I live on Earth. So, I can’t see stars up, close and personal. I mean, I’ll be fried. From down here, they look like twinkling lights. Countless of them, that may light up other worlds, like the light from the Sun lights up ours. But from where I live, not many stars are visible. You don’t get to see a river of stars from a city, do you? I have photos for now, but it is one of my dreams to see the Milky Way in the night sky.


Stars have an amazing life, don’t they? They are born from a huge cloud of colourful gases, called a nebula or a stellar nursery. Can’t resist the dramatic, can they? Throughout their life, they spread life everywhere around them. They also die in a spectacular fashion. Well, the less massive ones first become a huge red ball of gases and then become a dwarf star. But the massive ones explode, releasing so much energy that they become the brightest object in the sky. Their story may have three endings: going peacefully as a white dwarf, continuing to radiate electromagnetic energy as pulsars, or starting their afterlife as black holes.


Isn’t that why celebrities are called stars? They debut through a cloud of auditions, hard work and opportunities and radiate their brilliance wherever they go. Some may not become very huge and go unnoticed. But some do, and shine so brightly, mesmerising people in their wake. They’re what we call superstars.


I have been watching a lot of Korean TV shows lately. I completed You’re Beautiful yesterday. It is such a cute show with a great plot and amazing songs. But my favourite part of the series is the love story between Gemma/ Go Mi Nyeo and Tae Kyung. For her, he was the brightest star. Because he couldn’t see stars in the dark sky, she collected stars that he could see. Even when he wasn’t with her, she kept him alive in her heart by collecting stars. They found love, and somehow that was everything.


Well, lastly, stars help you find your way home. Sailors used the North star to come home when they were lost at sea. Stars represent hope in an empty sky. Sailors don’t know if they’ll be able to return home, but the star reminds them that they still have a chance.

There’s a song from another one of my favourite Korean shows, Descendants of the Sun, called ‘You are my everything’. The first line goes like this:

‘When I see stars, I think of you,

Then I’ll always pray for you.’

Have you ever done that? Looking at the sky, thinking of the person you love, wondering if they are seeing the same stars as you. Even when you are apart, the stars connect you. They don’t let the hope die in your heart, that one day, both of you will find your way back home, to each other.

Stars are in my stories, the ones that I read and also the ones that I write.

My post is a bit weird, isn’t it? Starting super scientific and then ending emotionally. Why we feel this way when we look at the stars can’t be explained by science. So, when people talk about such things, we think they are delusional.

Some people see Altair and Vega as just two stars of the Summer Triangle. But some people believe the story of these two lovers, how they are separated by The Milky Way, and how they are allowed to meet only once a year, which is celebrated as the Tanabata or The Star Festival.

All I want to say is that I don’t believe love is a delusion. I write stories about it, and I dream of finding my true love.

Stars are a part of everything that matters to me, academics, stories and love. Reading this post, you may think I’m crazy, but as I said before, that’s just who I am.

Saying this, I go from here.



7 thoughts on “Stars

  1. K-Dramas! My (Irish) wife loooooooooooves them. She always calls me “Yobo” 🙂 (Her faves: “Sweden Laundry”, “Coffee Shop Prince” and a real oldie but goodie, “The Infamous Chill Sisters”. Along with any number of historical dramas – she’s watching “Dong Yi” right now.)


    1. Lol…my wife just yelled over, “Tell her to watch ‘My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox’ too!”

      If you do watch any of them, write back and let me know what you thought:)

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