Written In Blood: Chapter 1

via Daily Prompt: Reprieve

Hello everyone. Today, I am going to tell you a story. This will give you a peek into my writing style. I’m going to write this story in parts, as posts for the daily one-word prompt. When I was making the cover for this story, I came across The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I read the summary of the story. It fits today’s theme perfectly. But my story is a bit different. I’d just like to say one thing before you read. I request you that if you have any problem with the content, please let me know, but be gentle.

Written In Blood


Chapter 1: Reprieve


“Have been thinking about you for a while. Miss you everyday as I write the chapters of our story. Feel your presence around me as the ink meets the paper. Smell your perfume when the breeze from my tiny window touches my face. See you in my dreams every single day.Your amber eyes, your black, messily coiffed hair, your charming smile, I see it all, so perfect, so surreal. Can’t come closer to you, can’t touch you, can’t feel you like I used to. Watch you disappear with the morning light. Hope that memories will die as the pages are consumed by flames, but it never happens.

Yesterday, in my dream, I relived a memory. The day we went on our first date. It was a Friday. You took me to One If By Land, Two If By Sea. Pretty fancy for a first date, right? Perks of being a lawyer. Or maybe just playing on my love for ‘Paul Revere’s Ride’. Delicious food, amazing wine, you really blew my breath away. That evening witnessed the plantation of the first seed of love in my heart. It didn’t take long for it to blossom into a Red Rose. I was so lovestruck I could never even imagine that our relationship would end like this.

The world is asking questions about us. With every answer, a new question is born in my mind. After whatever happened, why does my heart still long for your love?Why can’t your memories depart my mind?You never answered my questions before you left. The thorns that grew with that rose are bleeding the life out of me. My days are limited, but my thoughts aren’t. My feelings aren’t. Every chapter I write may be my last. In the 25 years of my life, I have written stories about love, friendship, magic. I didn’t want to be that author who writes stories about pain and suffering. But you made me that person. If it’s going to be my last book, I want you to be my muse.

I love you, Damon. Always have, always will. See you soon. –E

“It’s almost dusk, Elyssa. I hope you have finished today’s chapter. I need to return the pen before Constable Wick realises it is missing.”

“I know. Here’s the pen. And here’s today’s chapter. Please burn it after you read. I’m going to bed early today. I’m exhausted. And one more thing, officer.”

“First things first, I am going to treat your cut. Give me your hand.”

Elyssa moved closer to the officer and extended her hand.

“Why do you shiver so much when you are treating me? I’m not going to steal the cell keys.”

“I used to be an accountant, not a nurse. I have been doing your bandage for the past 3 days only, not a year.”

“I know. The numbers probably miss your photographic memory. Why are you here babysitting me instead of doing what you love?”

“I am doing what I love. Taking care of a friend. “

“Are you sure you want a murderer as a friend?”

“Hold still, Elyssa. You are distracting me.”

“You’ll soon be back to where you belong. The bank’s your home.”

“You don’t know anything about that place. It’s where people made fun of my bald head. Called me an ‘incompetent geek’. Insulted my name. It wasn’t home. I needed to do something that felt more purposeful.”

“Guarding a prison cell, that’s some purpose.”

“All done. Now you and your sarcasm can hit the hay.”

“Thank you. For being my friend, for reading my sappy story and for keeping them a secret. I will be gone soon. I want to give you a proper goodbye. Good Night, Fiddler.”

“Good Night, Elyssa.”

Fiddler was returning home when he was interrupted by somebody.

“Fid, is everyone asleep?”

“Yes, sir. I’ve checked on everyone. Nothing fishy anywhere.”

“How’s Elyssa doing? I know you two have gotten close. “

“She’s okay, Sir. She cut herself once again. Just so clumsy, you know.”

“I know, she’s very fragile-looking. Can’t say from her appearance that she has murdered two people. Well, she’s got a few more breaths now.”

“What does that mean?”

“The appeal for a reprieve has been approved. Her sentence has been postponed till 2nd June. Not that it’ll change anything. “

“You never know, Sir.”

The Next Day…

“Fid, did you burn the page?”

“Indeed. Just kept the corner, like always. See?

Fiddler reached his pocket and grabbed a piece of paper with a red ‘E’ on it.

“Thank you. As long as you don’t show them to anyone, I’m fine with it.”

Fiddler joined his best friend Jason for lunch in a nearby cafe. He was the only person in the world from whom Fid never kept any secrets.

“Bro, I did what you asked for. But didn’t achieve any success. I mean, these letters ‘C’, ‘E’, ‘N’ don’t have any connection with Elyssa’s or Damon’s life. “

“Here’s another one. It’s an ‘E’. Take a look at this text. It’s different than the others.”

“You kept the text? I thought you were supposed to burn them.”

“This one’s different. Can you make out why I kept it?”

“I don’t know. It has similar bloodied alphabets like the previous ones, the same ‘I love you’ end line,…”

“Can you see those points where the ink has smudged? She was crying while writing this. It probably triggered a painful memory. I was certain of my judgement, but this makes me feel she is hiding something. I need to know, Jason. I remember the other three letters. There is no doubt she loved Damon to death. But this one talks of a betrayal. What could have driven a girl so deeply in love with a guy that she murdered him in cold blood?”

“I don’t know, Fid. It is weird. What do you plan to do?”

“My appeal for her reprieve has been accepted. She’ll write more chapters about him. Maybe they’ll give us the answers we seek. Jason, you please continue with the decryption.”

“Sure. But are you sure you want to get involved in this? I mean, we are dealing with a murderer. Plus you’re an accountant/police officer, not a criminal investigator.”

Suddenly, Fiddler feels someone’s hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see a short, blond woman standing behind him.

“Elyssa?How did you….”

That’s all for the first chapter. Pretty long, I know. But this length is necessary for the plot. Thank you for reading.

Saying this, I go from here.



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