Is this for real?

via Daily Prompt: Farce

Hello everyone. This is my first post for a one-word prompt after I changed the name of my blog. This one was quite interesting and weird at the same time. Although I spend a fair amount of my time reading novels, this was the first time I heard this word: farce. Or maybe the first time I paid attention to it.

I had to look it up on Google to know what it meant. Here’s what I got: improbable plot, exaggerated characters and sole purpose of making the audience laugh. When I read all this, only one thing came to my mind.

A few days ago, when I was looking up the lyrics of a new song I recently heard, I found the lyrics of another song. Well, not exactly a song. A parody of a popular song by one of my favourite artists. When I read the word ‘parody’, I immediately recollected passing by a video of the parody on YouTube. So, I dropped the idea of reading the lyrics and immediately played the video. Minutes later, I was laughing so hard, my stomach hurt. I watched more videos of this person. The video I saw was the parody of Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams, by Bart Baker. Here’s the link to the video:

I am a student wanting to pursue a career in the sciences. So, it’s my tendency to over-analyse and over-criticise things. But after watching this video, I was just laughing. It’s like my friend used to say, “Sometimes you have to leave you brain out of your body to have fun.” I mean, it fulfils all the criteria: sole purpose of laughter. Anyone familiar with the people in the video and viewing it for the first time won’t be able to control their giggles.

Improbable plot. I think it’s obvious that a situation like this may never arise, not in any parallel universes. I don’t want to give away any spoilers. So, I won’t reveal any details about the plot.

Exaggerated characters. Well, there have been a lot of rumours about Taylor Swift being an obsessive girlfriend. This has also been the plot of her music video for Blank Space. But, Mr. Baker takes it a step further. In this and other parodies of Taylor Swift’s songs, she is portrayed as Satan. I mean, really? If that’s not exaggeration, then what is?

I have always restrained myself to the artist’s music and haven’t payed much attention to the news about their personal lives. So, I would be the last person to make any judgement based on rumours. Nobody knows which rumours are true and which ones are just figments of imagination. But Taylor Swift’s definitely not Satan! But it’s only a joke, so it’s fine.

The thing that makes it funnier is that the characters in the video are real. And to see an “updated” version of them in the video makes it so much more enjoyable. Also, the way the comments and sarcasm has been incorporated with the music is brilliant.

Some of my other favourite parodies are of the songs “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”. I’m still not very open to sexual humour. So, there were some videos I found a bit weird. So, I can’t say anything about them. But I can assure you that the videos mentioned above are really funny and amusing.

Thank you for reading. Saying this, I go from here.


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