The Game Is Afoot

Hello everyone. It’s weird, right? Two blog posts in a row. The first one was an introduction to what you’ll discover in my blog. My older posts under Images and Deductions were just attempts at writing. But this post and all the others posts I publish from now on will be more than just trials. For my new blog, The Indigo Pages, I want a story to be my pilot post.

Have you heard about Sherlock Holmes? Who am I kidding, of course you have. But for those who haven’t, Sherlock Holmes is one of the protagonists of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. He is a consulting detective, who solves murders that can’t be solved by the police using his amazing Art Of Deduction. He is aided by Dr. John Watson, an army doctor who is also his best friend.

As much as I love the books, I also adore the TV series, Sherlock. Every single episode leaves you wanting more. Not every show had that ability, right? But what’s fascinating for me is the way Sherlock’s mind works. I am a girl of Science, with a keen interest in psychology. TV shows like this really get my brain exercised. But that’s not the only thing.

In my last post, I said that I write stories. Some of my first stories are Sherlock Holmes fan fiction. The first one was a play for my German Assignment in college. It’s called The German Trail.

The story revolves around Sherlock and John, as they travel to Germany for a case that involves an old rival, but with new and more dangerous tricks. Sherlock’s intellect alone may not be enough to solve it, as they unravel a deadly secret….

The second story I wrote was for a Writer’s contest in a nearby university. It was my first time doing story-writing competitively. I knew I didn’t have a chance, but I had to know where I stood. I bagged the third prize which was satisfactory, considering it was my first time. My story’s called The Water Snake.

In this story, Sherlock and John receive a case involving the murder of a young woman, who knew a lot more than she should have. As the Year of The Snake comes to an end, to solve the case, Sherlock must decipher something he is completely alien to: love.

I’m going to upload the files of both the stories. I hope that you would make some time to read my stories. Please share how you feel about them. If there’s anything you don’t like about it, tell me. But please, be gentle.


Water Snake

Sherlock Holmes

Saying this, I go from here.

P.S – The characters in my story are based on the TV series, not the books. Also, all the copyrights belong to the respective owners. I don’t own anything. These stories are a work of pure fiction.


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