Yellow reminds me of…

via Daily Prompt: Yellow

Browsing the pages of the past, what does the hue “Yellow” remind you of?

Did anyone think of Pikachu? Ash Ketchum’s electric-type buddy from Pokemon. Reminiscent of the early years of your life when you wanted to go on a journey and explore the world outside your window. In a floral context, a yellow rose is symbolic of friendship. The companionship of Ash and Pikachu is analogous to that. Everything seems more amusing when you have friends around you.


Did anyone think of the show, ‘Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahaani’ that used to air on Star One. The track when Kabir asked his crush to wear yellow the next day, if she reciprocated his feelings. Things complicated when his letter reached everyone but his crush. His teacher falling for him was the highlight. This track had a catchphrase, “Yellow means yes.” pyar-ki-_0837

Yellow stands for many things: A Happy Meal at Mr. McDonald’s place. Yellow-eyed demon from Supernatural. Laxus of Fairy Tail.

Living in a tropical country, for me, yellow symbolises warmth. Both literally and metaphorically. Yellow makes me feel bright and sunflowery. I’ve also observed how yellow catches your eyes first. Standing out amongst the crowd. Yellow is a good choice for the first day of school or college. Maybe even for examination days, when anxiety kicks in.

Take a minute and think what yellow means to you: sunshine and happiness, warmth and love, friendship and togetherness, or anything else?

Lastly, life is both sweet and sour. So, when life gives you lemons, look for bananas.

Saying this, I go from here.

P.S: All the photos belong to their respective owners.

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