The Automatic Mind

via Daily Prompt: Automatic

Neuroscientists and psychologists all over the world explore the depths of the human brain. Not belonging to a medical background, I can’t talk much about the biological aspects of the brain’s functioning. But having a keen interest in psychology and  human behaviour, the spontaneity of thoughts in the mind fascinates me.

Automatic thoughts literally mean responses to an event. Observing the people around me, it’s weird how two people respond to the same situation so differently. Some people tend to be more instinctive, whereas some people rely on logic. The more logical people tend to drive these automatic thoughts from their mind before they get in the way of their reasoning. These thoughts have also been the cause of depression and anxiety in people.

Quoting from my college life, when people try to get too close, my mind tells me to show them their limits. If words aren’t enough, I won’t hesitate to use force. But as my Mom says, by getting angry, you harm yourself more than anyone else. I tend to become aggressive because I find it the better option than to succumb to their misbehaviour. But I do not want negative thoughts to pop up in my head. I’ve started to think of a smarter way to deal with the situation. My mind is my most treasured asset. I try to use it in the most efficient way.

But I feel this mechanism of automatic thoughts doesn’t work well for some people. One of my friends called Irene is fine with people getting close to her, making physical contact which I personally find uncomfortable. But when someone goes too far, her anxiety kicks in which affects her physical health. I wonder what her automatic thoughts tell her. “It’s okay. They’re just being friendly. They don’t mean any harm.” And when something happens, ” Stay away from them. They’re bad news.”

Things have reached a stage where she refuses to talk to any guy. Incidents like this make me second guess on how much I should trust these pop-ups. There is no place in my life for depression and anxiety. But I don’t want to lose my instincts while trying to condition my mind to think logically. I need to reach an equilibrium between the two. Positive automatic thoughts and logical thinking while dealing with problems.


Saying this, I go from here.

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