Was it that simple?

via Daily Prompt: Simple

A Break Up tale….

I remember the day we met. Fresh out of childhood and into the school life. No more chasing butterflies, no more eating crayons, no more sticky fingers. Changing from Mickey to Measuring wasn’t easy for us, but we could learn together. Switching from toys to tennis wasn’t easy, but we could play together. Not having parents around wasn’t simple, but we could cry together. Our connection tide us over the initial school years.

Coming back here, after so many years, at the place where it all began wasn’t simple. Strolling the corridors where we used to play and not prance wasn’t simple. Touching the desks where we used to scribble and not smile wasn’t simple. Seeing you here and not talking to you wasn’t simple.

I remember the last day of school. The nostalgic faces of our classmates, right before we parted ways. The hidden smile of the teachers whom we would never meet again. The gleam in your eyes, when we danced in the rain. My rapid heart beats, when you told me how you felt. The moment when you grasped my hands and promised we’ll always be together. Our kiss, which changed my life forever.

Watching you, standing tall, as beautiful as I remember you, our past flashed in front of my eyes. The time when you were everything I ever wanted. But there was just one thing I longed to ask you. Was it that simple?

Was it that simple for you to throw away my cards? Was it that simple to let those roses wither away? Was it that simple to find someone else? Was it that simple to let our memories fade? Was it that simple to say we had nothing special? Was it that simple to forget about me?

From the very first second it started, I knew loving  you wasn’t going to be easy. Keeping up with your changing faces wasn’t going to be easy. Getting over you wasn’t easy. Not imagining if we had stopped at friendship wasn’t easy. But looking at you today, my first friend, my last love, I know I will always cherish our friendship.

You will always be the first one who made me feel love. But you will always be the one who broke my heart. The place that connected our hearts will soon be destroyed. And with our story will end. The pain, the tears, everything will be gone. And yes, it will be simple. Saying this, I go from here.

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